About Us

Customs Today is an independent newspaper focusing on the customs community. The customs community comprises customs officers and their families, importers and exporters, customs clearing agents and, at a wider level, people impacted by the government’s trade policy and FBR’s customs rules and regulations and SROs.
Customs Today is the authentic voice and face of the customs community. There are lots of useful and interesting information relating to customs that largely go unreported – news and pictures of social events and gatherings as well as problems of the customs community. Customs Today provides the relevant information to the people – hard facts and figures about customs tariff, customs rules and regulations for incoming and outgoing passengers, etc. In-depth analyses of policy issues and decisions relating to customs issues are undertaken to educate the people on tax matters. We also publish reviews and simplified explanations of difficult concepts and topics.
Issue-based and solution-oriented reporting is our forte. Our policy is to strive for a positive coverage of the sector. While writing about problems, our approach is constructive. The overall aim is to serve the larger interests of the country. The Customs Department is the guardian of Pakistan’s economic borders. We project its image from this perspective and emphasize its role in regulating and supervising the flow of imports and exports.
Customs Today is a powerful, reliable and influential medium of communication for the customs community as well as general readers looking for the latest news and information about what is happening in this vital sector.