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Indian Commerce Ministry slashes export-growth target by1.2%

NEW DELHI: Commerce Ministry officially slashed this year’s export-growth target from 4 per cent to 1.2 per cent, for a total value of US$230.30 billion (Bt7.5 trillion). That translates to a loss in export value of about $6 billion from the previous projection of $236.67 billion. However, the ministry and private-sector analysts share the hope that the export decline bottomed ... Read More »

Energy crisis, war on terror main reasons for slow growth rate of exports

ISLAMABAD: The Commerce Ministry has said energy crisis and the ongoing war on terror are major reasons behind slow growth rate of Pakistan’s exports. “It is a fact that there was imbalance between imports and exports of the country during the last two years,” a ministry source told Customs Today on Saturday. He added that the magnitude of imbalance shrank ... Read More »

KSE 100-index adds another 251pts, up 0.77% to end week on bouyant note

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark 100-index gained 251.26 points or 0.77 percent to reach 32731.61 points and volume of 235,201,230 shares on Friday. Fueled by bull-run, Karachi Stock Exchange continued to cheer up as benchmark 100-index gained another 179.54 points or 0.55 percent to reach all-time-high of 32659.89 points, rekindling hope for 33,000 thresholds in midday trading. There prevails ... Read More »

Tuesday December 16 – Monday December 22, 2014

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Closing: KSE plunges 138pts, down 0.43% on PTI’s Faisalabad shutdown call

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark KSE 100-index lost 138.45  points or 0.43 percent to reach 32010.33 points and volume of 120,382,620 shares on Monday. The market started the new trading week on a positive noted and appeared confident, adding another 24 points to the weekend closing of 32151 points to reach 32175points. However, later stocks crashed due to panic ... Read More »

Pak-Afghan meeting on transit trade next month

KARACHI: The fifth meeting of Afghan-Pakistan Transit Trade Coordination Authority (APTTCA) will be held next month at the Commerce Ministry, Islamabad, Transit Trade Director General Khawar Farid Maneka has told Customs Today. He said transportation, reduced travelling time and training of Afghan customs officials to help them get familiar with the automation and computerisation are on the agenda. He also ... Read More »

Closing: KSE-100 adds strong gains of 218.20pts, up 0.68% to towards 32,000pts

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark KSE 100-index gained 218.20 points or 0.68 percent to reach 32090.93 points and volume of 270,543,210 shares on Thursday. The market opened on a positive note and kept crawled up to close the gap to its all-time high 32,000-level and never looked behind, setting eyes on new highs. Bull-run kept the Karachi Stock Exchange ... Read More »

Commerce ministry, Dry Ports Association meeting to discuss outstanding issues today

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Commerce (MoC) and All Pakistan Dry Ports Association (APDPA) are going to join heads to seek solution to outstanding issues confronted by the APDPA from tax, customs and other relevant authorities. Considerable delay in refund of rebate claims, WeBOC system, ruthless rechecking by ANF, frequency of rechecking of custom bonded exports consignments, insufficient and untrained staff ... Read More »

Closing: KSE keeps upward rally with 192pts, up 0.61% to close 31872.73pts

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark KSE 100-index gained 192.01 points or 0.61 percent to reach 31872.73 points and volume of 257,480,050 shares on Wednesday. Buoyant Karachi Stock Exchange continued its march toward historic high of 32,000 steadily as benchmark KSE 100-index added another 213.01 points or 0.67 to scores tally, taking it to 31893.17 points till midday trading. Easing ... Read More »

Closing: KSE gains 102pts, up 0.33% despite warnings of Imran

KARACHI: KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark KSE 100-index gained 101.74 points or 0.33 percent to reach 31299.72 points and volume of 238,689,700 shares on first day of trading, Monday. There were rumours of downward trend as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has warned government if they do not agree his demands, he will going to shut down all business ... Read More »

Closing: KSE plunges 52pts, down 0.17% on upcoming PTI showdown

KARACHI: The fast-changing political scenario and fears of a looming political showdown on Nov 30 caused ripples in the Karachi Stock Exchange as benchmark KSE 100-index lost 51.72 points or 0.17 percent and plunged to 31218.38 points and volume of 166,378,330 shares on last day of trading, Friday. The stocks failed to cash in on the euphoria created by Pakistan’s ... Read More »

Commerce Ministry says machinery imports led to $12b trade deficit

  ISLAMABAD: The Commerce Ministry has observed that the higher machinery imports led to foreign trade deficit of $12 billion in third quarter of the current fiscal year. Imports increased 3.8% over the corresponding period of last year. “However, total volume of imports decreased to Rs 438.36 billion in October from Rs 466.77 billion in September. Imports averaged Rs 55.61 ... Read More »

Closing: KSE plunges 184 pts, down 0.59% as weeklong uncertainty haunts investment trends

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange lost 184.37 points or -0.59 percent to reach 31270.10 points and volume of 117,327,160 shares on Thursday. Earlier, the KSE gained 53.29 points or +.17 per cent to reach 31507.76 points amid the news reports that the government has sold over $1 billion Sukuk bonds at international market. The stock witnessed maximum trading at 31545.14 ... Read More »

Closing: KSE bounces back with 231pts, up 0.74% to close at 31454.47pts

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange recovers 230.73 points or +0.74 percent to reach 31454.47 points and volume of 145,707,940 shares on Wednesday. The KSE share-100 index opened at overnight closing of 31,223 and appeared confidence, going up steadily. The market set the pace for the day trading, boosting confidence of the investors. Though the traders exercised cautioned, the trading remained ... Read More »

Closing: KSE loses 93pts, down 0.30% to close at 31223.7pts ahead of PTI big show

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange lost another 93.22 points or -0.30 percent to reach 31223.74 points and volume of 103,084,430 shares on Tuesday as PTI going to organize ‘big’ public meeting in Islamabad on Nov 30 this week. The market opened on negative note and remained bullish, forcing investor to exercise caution. Stocks remained bearish ahead of PTI’s call for ... Read More »

NTC says no to impose definitive anti-dumping duty on 3 Chinese exporters

    ISLAMABAD: Due to a weak causal link between dumped imports and damage to the domestic industry, the National Tariff Commission (NTC) has said that there is no need to impose definitive anti-dumping duties on three Chinese exporters/producers (whose dumping margins are above de minimis levels). A source in the Commerce Ministry told Customs Today that the NTC came ... Read More »

Closing: KSE recovers 279pts, up 0.89% on investors’ confidence

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange shrugged off the gloom of previous two days and set its pace for the upward march and gained 279.48 points or +0.89 percent to reach 31518.52 points and volume of 89,545,590 shares on last day of trading, Friday. The Karachi Stock Exchange opened on a positive note and set off on the recourse to remedy ... Read More »

Closing: KSE-100 loses 250pts, down 0.78% to close below 32000pts level

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) lost 250.11 points or -0.78% to reach 31756.29 points and volume of 187,615,200 shares on Wednesday. Earlier, trading in the market started on a positive note and the index kept on ticking, adding 219 points to the overnight tally. The stocks opened at overnight closing of 32,006.40 points and continued upward march, showing signs of confidence. However, ... Read More »

Tuesday November 18 -Monday November 24, 2014

E-Paper Customs Today

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Closing: KSE-100 achieves another milestone, crosses historic 32,000pts barrier

KARACHI: The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) managed to cross 32,000 points barrier and gained a substantial 303.61 points to reach 32006.40 points and volume of 212,121,500 shares on Tuesday. The benchmark KSE 100-index witnessed variation as it opened with positive note, gaining 83.99 points or +0.26pc to reach 31786.78 points and observed highest trading of 31819.23 and lowest trading of ... Read More »